View Full Version : How do I change a Name Server in Enom Advanced DNS menu?

01-06-2018, 11:29 AM

How do I change a Name Server in Enom Advanced DNS menu?

I am lost in regards to linking my host server (greengeeks.com) to my domain name (touristbytrade.com) which i purchased through google and is registered at enom. i go into the advanced DNS settings and I can't find anywhere to set the name servers to the two that were given to me: ns1.greengeeks.com & ns2.greengeeks.com
I have been searching forums to no avail. can anyone help me figure out where to change the name servers in enoms advanced DNS settings. am I looking in the wrong place? in the advanced menu there is a list of host addresses that I can change however it requires me to enter an IP adress instead of the written address i was given by greengeeks (ns1.greengeeks.com). I don't have anything on my greengeeks page yet so even if it is linked it won't show anything special, but i'd like to get it to work.
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: https://www.accuwebhosting.com/discussion/forum/peer-support/domain-registrations/1704-how-do-i-change-a-name-server-in-enom-advanced-dns-menu

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IP addresses must required to Identify the Server and to set Private Name Servers (also called Custom Name Servers).

Go to AccuWebHosting's Knowledgebase > Domains FAQs > Creating Private Nameservers & refer following tutorial :
Creating Private Nameservers at eNom

This will help you..

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