half of the year 2017, than 2016 the corresponding period grew 35.5% . Include black metal among them (eighty-three thousand one hundred tons, grow 48.7% than last year) , how much can i expect to pay for picket fence building materials (fifty-two thousand seven hundred tons, was 2016 double) with food (thirty-eight thousand four hundred tons, was 2016 4 times) , chemical goods and materials (twenty-one thousand four hundred tons, grow 24.9% than 2016)

with equipment (eighteen thousand composite outdoor wood tile six hundred tons, grow 52.5% than last year) . Railroad bureau passes the Beijiaersike outside June 2017 outside Bei Jiaer Si Ke checkpoint transported goods of 1.2 million tons of foreign trade, grew 0.4% than June 2016. Beijing weighs bit of punish furniture to wait for problem of environmental protection of 7 large trades, leave first half of pavilion floor cost in qatar the year give on 100 million yuan "

punish sheet " ! This year 1-6 month, branch of Beijing environmental protection violates behavior to be increased continuously in the light of environment of atmosphere,white low maintence decking in qatar water, soil execute the law strength, repair to boiler, meal, steam, presswork, the industry began 7 keys such as furniture to execute the law examination, leave in all give on 100 million yuan " punish sheet " ! According to bureau of