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    A good way to remove formaldehyde from the floor

    <P>The actual situation is that the current domestic laminate flooring can only reach E1, the so-called E0 are deceptive, our country's testing standards are E1, most of the engineering board even up to E1, so buy the floor try to buy Substrate a little better, the general high density of the substrate, the formaldehyde content will be less, in particular, say, formaldehyde and wear-resistant are two concepts, formaldehyde is not high and wear high and not completely under the boundary, a lot of people Will be confused.</P>
    <P>After the installation of the floor under the ventilation and formaldehyde treatment, the national standard E1 product formaldehyde emission limit of �� 1.5mg / L "formaldehyde in the bedroom air health standards" provides: indoor air formaldehyde maximum allowable concentration of 0.08 mg / cubic meter.</P>

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    Product Review Sites

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