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    way, so to see whether the furniture

    <p>of personality. Third, teak and black gold wood What are the differences 1, although the texture of the two are very clear, but its color is not the same, compared to teak light, dark gold color deep. 2, for the relatively humid room, as well as for hot and cold large room, it is best to choose teak furniture, teak is very hard, not prone to deformation or corrosion, and Wujin wood its hardness is poor, can not adapt too cold or Too hot environment, whether it is dry or </p>
    <p>humid environment, are likely to cause damage to the material of Wujin wood furniture, so in use, to try to avoid the cold or overheated environment, and teak is not strict environmental requirements. The above is about teak and Wujin wood which a better introduction, I believe that through the above description, we have a certain understanding of their respective advantages, we hope that we can pick to their own wood. More wood knowledge, please continue to </p>
    <p>focus on home decoration network.House decoration, furniture purchase is a necessary step. Now the market is more common with solid wood furniture and plate furniture, for the two may not understand between us, the following we come to understand. 1, the product structure If the product is a hardware connection or wood pin connection, the basic plate. But also some in order to save freight, made of disassembly of solid wood products, with the hardware </p>
    <p>buy composite decking northern ireland<br />
    waterproof tile board used for external decorative plates<br />
    floating deck supplier in malaysia</p>

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